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Journal and Ledger

JOURNAL AND LEDGER February 8, 2018 So here I am, back again, perseverance and persistence, are keys to success. Practicing persistence, getting back on the horse, bike, keyboard; whatever bucked you off, tossed you in the ditch, or knocked you down, is one of the keys of being successful. And, journaling every trade and trading … 214-463-6188


This is my own market analysis.  I am writing this for your enjoyment and learning opportunity.  This is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any futures or option instrument.  The risk in trading these instruments is high and you can loose everything you invest and more.  Please talk to your broker or … 516-549-0341


The purpose behind this chart analysis is to outline my thoughts about these markets until some price actions occur that causes my thoughts to change.  These thoughts are not buy or sell recommendations. I may put these ideas into action for my own account and risk but keep in mind that my ability to tolerate … (313) 970-3388