Welcome to MU Philippines SEASON 13

We would like to welcome the list of Legend Guilds from previous MU Online Philippines
back in 2004 from MAYA - WIGLE - BARH server

Show us your might and conquer the Castle



     Quick maintenance for OffLevel set to  1 wCoins



Thank you and Happy Gaming!



OffTrade will be available only in Loren Market,

Off Level now only cost 1 wCoins per Hour! ( This will be available on next Maintenance )


Enjoy and Happy Gaming!


If you connect while we are under maintenance, then you downloaded the wrong file!

download the correct .dll file in our website under PATCH TOOL and Copy and Paste to your MU Folder.


Enjoy and Happy Gaming!


type /offlevel

Off level non-stop
Attack interval - 1 sec
Charge fee - 20 wCoins / Hour

Disconnect once character dead

Rebuff - 10 sec.
Heal - below 80% HP
Pickup: Zen, All Exc, All Socket, All Ancient

Basic skill attack only
choose 1 skill

Buffer check your settings



MU Philippines,



         Unscheduled maintenance today, sorry for the inconvenience


Enjoy & Happy Gaming!

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: ZeroWin
Castle Lord: Kulas
Money: 24,483,200
Tax Hunt Zone: 60,000
Next battle: 20:00 - 21:00, 28/10/2018


Status: Protected

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